Cold rolled steel stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, aluminum alloy stamping parts, copper alloy stamping parts

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Cold-rolled steel stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, aluminum alloy stamping parts, copper alloy stamping parts are commonly used in various industries because of their specific properties and uses. Cold rolled steel stampings are known for their high strength, durability and excellent surface finish. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.  Stainless steel stampings are corrosion resistant and ideal for applications that require resistance to moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures. They are widely used in food processing, medical and marine industries. Aluminum stampings are lightweight, non-magnetic, and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Due to their excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, they are commonly used in the automotive, electronics and aerospace industries. Copper alloy stampings have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, making them suitable for electrical and electronic applications. They are also used in the plumbing, automotive and telecommunications industries.  Overall, each type of material has unique properties that make it suitable for specific applications. Material selection depends on factors such as strength requirements, corrosion resistance, weight considerations, and cost-effectiveness.
Product Name Custom sheet metal fabrication service
Materials Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, etc.
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Brushing, Galvanized, laser engraving, Silk printing, polishing, Powder coating, etc
Tolerance +/-0.02mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection report
Testing equipment Three coordinate measuring machine; Tool microscope; Calipers; Micrometer; pixiv Projector; Height gauge; Automatic Acronyms and abbreviations in avionics; Manual Acronyms and abbreviations in avionics; Dial gauge; Marble platform; Roughness measurement, thread gauge; Hardness tester; Salt mist machine; High temperature testing machine; Ten thousand micrometers; Optical screening machine; Customized inspection tools, etc
Processing Cutting, Bending, Assembling, Welding, Shearing, Stamping, Deep drwaing, etc.
Inspection 100% QC, can provide inspection every batch
Drawing PDF,CAD,PRO/E ,UG ,Solidworks

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